Catching Your Dreams Creativity Coaching

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Do you have issues with procrastination, overwhelm, self-sabotage, paralyzing perfectionism, difficulties getting started or other creative blocks?

Creativity coaching works for anyone who wants to step fully into their creative joy, whether you have a specific creative goal or simply want to live a more creative life.

Let me help you:

  • Herd your Inner Critics into a soundproof room where they can bicker with each other instead of you.
  • Send your Procrastination Monster whimpering back to his cave.
  • Release self-sabotaging behaviors and fears that are blocking your creativity so they can join their brothers-in-arms, those flying monkeys in the land of Oz.
  • Tap more deeply into your intuition and dig down into the meat of your imagination.
  • Create positive habits that help you stay focused and move forward with your creativity.

I’ve been trained as a Kaizen-Muse coach by amazing creativity guru Jill Badonsky. The Kaizen-Muse method uses simple tools to help you move quickly past your creative blocks. It honors the non-linear process of creativity and offers a compassionate and lighthearted approach to reconnecting with the childlike joy of creating.

I work with writers, artists, musicians, self-employed people who want to get creative with their business marketing, and anyone desiring to add a little more creativity into their life. All sessions are held by phone, allowing you access to creativity coaching from your own home or office. I work with clients around the world.

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